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Meeker Ave Neighbors


No Meters on Meeker

What is happening under the BQE?

  • On May 5th, 2021 our Community Board 1 reviewed a plan called MAKE MEEKER MOVE with the New York City Department of Transportation.
  • On May 11th, 2021 our Community Board 1 approved the DOT’s plan. 
  • The plan includes some sensible changes that should improve safety and the appearance/cleanliness of the area under the BQE from Apollo to Metropolitan in Greenpoint and Williamsburg.
  • However, the plan also includes the installation of METERED PARKING FOR THE HOURS of 7:00AM through 10:00PM.

Why doesn’t this work?

  • Those of us in the neighborhood who own cars, occasionally rent cars, or have friends and family who visit our neighborhood via car, relied on the parking under the BQE.
  • We are the most isolated neighborhood in North Brooklyn with respect to subway service. 
  • Metered parking is for commercial areas where businesses need parking turnover for their customers. Meeker Avenue is not such an area.  
  • Even nearby commercial areas such as Graham Ave., Manhattan Ave., Grand Street, etc. that have metered parking do not have enforcement hours as lengthy as 7:00AM-10:00PM.

We, the residents of Greenpoint and Williamsburg surrounding Meeker Ave. demand to know why we were not included in the conversation about this plan. We also demand that the installation of the meters be suspended indefinitely.  

Please read the letter below. Our elected representatives uniformly oppose these meters. We, the residents, oppose these meters. Only the DOT insists upon these meters.

Dear DOT Borough Commissioner Bray and Borough President Adams

I am writing to you as a Brooklyn resident who is directly affected by the MAKE MEEKER MOVE project.

I was unaware of this project until public parking was eliminated without warning from the area under the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. As you know, the project is now under way. You should also know that the loss of parking has been devastating for the community residents who rely on cars. For many residents of our community, cars are not a luxury. Ours is a largely working class community of long-time residents. For many of us, available public transportation is impractical and/or we work in industries for which vehicles are necessary to transport goods and materials that cannot be easily accommodated by public transportation.

I have learned that Community Board 1 and the Department of Transportation discussed this project in virtual meetings on May 5th and May 11th, 2021. These meetings took place without sufficient notice to us – the neighborhood residents directly affected.

I am also aware that the DOT plans to install meters, enforceable from 7:00AM until 10:00PM when some of the lost parking is reintroduced. The Community Board 1 Transportation Committee Chair Eric Bruzaitis stated at the October 5th meeting of the committee that CB1 opposes these meters and that they were introduced by DOT at the last minute and against CB1’s wishes.

Additionally, the following elected officials have opposed these meters:

Lincoln Restler – Incoming Council Member

Emily Gallagher – Assembly Member District 50

Julia Salazar – State Senator District 18

Stephen Levin – Council Member District 33

Jennifer Gutierrez – Incoming Council Member District 34

Brian Kavanagh -State Senator District 26

Carolyn Maloney – Congress Member 12th District

Emile Bazile – District Leader Assembly District 50

I request that you suspend the installation of these meters indefinitely. Additionally, if DOT work on the area under the BQE is suspended during the winter months, I request that residential parking be permitted until work resumes in the spring.

Finally, I respectfully request acknowledgement of the receipt of this email and that you forward me links to any impact studies the DOT produced related to this project.


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